Top 5 Revenue Increasing Scripts For Landing page/prelander - Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 Revenue Increasing Scripts For Landing page – Affiliate Marketing

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Top 5 Revenue Increasing Scripts For Landing page/prelander – Affiliate Marketing

Revenue increasing : I bet you, it will increasing your ROI (Return on investment) & revenue this all scripts is only for website Preland/landing pages where you are running CPA Mobile Offer .

1.popup : this script showing alert in box to visitor, according to you what you want to show there.

<a id="OpenDialog" href="#">Click here to open dialog</a>
<div id="dialog" title="Dialog Title">
  alert("Hi I'm your popup");
</script> script : it will start audio mp3 automaticlly, only for antivirus and mobile detector landing page.

<script src=""></script>
 <audio controls autoplay> 
<source src="alert.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

3.Mobile screen vibration automaticlly.

function startVibrate(){
function stopVibrate() {

4.Back button loading script : this script will redirect visitor to offer if they can try to back then it will redirect user on other page. set your landing page links

  window.history.pushState('', 'Other Offer Page', '');;
<script type="text/javascript">
 window.addEventListener("popstate", function(e) {
    if(document.URL.indexOf("otheroffer") !=-1){
    document.location.href = document.location;

5. No back button : this script will holding visitor on landing page it not allowing to back.

window.location.hash="Again-No-back-button";//again because google chrome don't insert first hash into history

<script language="JavaScript">

/* break back button */ window.onload=function(){ var i=0; var previous_hash = window.location.hash;
var x = setInterval(function(){ i++; window.location.hash = "/noop/" + i;
if (i==3){clearInterval(x);
window.location.hash = previous_hash;}

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