How to Earn Money with Google Adsense Full Review

How to Earn Money with Google Adsense Full Review

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What is Google Adsense & How Does it work?

How to Earn Money with Google Adsense Full Review

Google adsense is a Monetization platefoam. where website manager/administrator taking ads from google as a (Google adsense publisher) and they add google adsense Ads in our blogs/website for generating online income, Google pay us money for promoting ads.

it working through google adwords, Google adwords is a advertising platefoam they taking direct ads from peoples and they promoting that ads through google adsense monetization platefoam, they both are connected together with server to server.

Google adwords taking money to advertisers and google adsense paying money to publishers.

Google adsense pay to their promoters Billion of dollar’s in a month, because 69% of internet website using google adsense to generate online online.

Example :

  1. Facebook

  2. Reddit

  3. Youtube

  4. Mircosoft

  5. quora

How to apply for adsense & How to Earn Money with Google Adsense

how to apply for google adsense read here

Go here and fill given informations : Apply now

Google adsense allow only unique content and high ranking websites where are atleast 2-10k daily traffic, and they pay us only for Social media & Organic traffic, They need high quality traffic, read here : AdSense program policies

if you senting this kind of traffic and doing this activities then they will get you ban or they will not get pay, Not do this :

  1. Popup traffic.
  2. Bot traffic.
  3. Pop up box ads adding.
  4. Click jacking
  5. Clicking by ourself on ads.
  6. Software traffic.
  7. Nude
  8. Se*ually pics
  9. Abusing words
  10. Fake News sharing

Why you all wasting time ? create a website start generating online money for more tips and marketing content reading subcribe below.

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