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Some Adnetworks Which pay us 100$+ For 1000 ad clicks. how it is Possible ?

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Why & How It Is Possible ?

They can pay because, They wants Quality Traffic, If your Website Content is Original and Traffic Quality also, Then Ofcourse They will Pay you 1000 Banner/ad clicks of 100+ Dollars. It is depend on your Blog Niche and  how or  from where your traffic Coming on your website. They pay mostly for (Social Media,Organic) traffic.

Best Tested Adnetworks Who Pay You 1000 clicks of 100+$ 

1.Google Adsense : It Works With Earning Per click (EPC) & Cost Per Click (CPC) ! Publisher will Get paid For ads Clicks and They Monetize Our Traffic, If  Nobody Did clicks On Ads, Website Visitor only Reading Post then it can Pay money For that it is called Revenue Per Mile (RPM) Higly Recommend Network.

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Here is Signup Link : Create account Now Free on Google adsense 

Payouts : 100$ only 30days supported Only wire transfer (Bank aacount).

Note : 68% Internet and Official Webistes Working With Google Adsense but it can allow only Unique Websites and Content.

2. Exoclick : Exoclick Process is 100% Free and It approves Very Fast, Minimum CPC mean For Each Banner click is  0.06$ mean 0.06 x 1000 = 60$ ! it will pay you for 1000 banner clicks 60$ its minimum Price, it goes 220-400$  everything is Depend On traffic quality and Your Niche.

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Here is Signup Link : Create Account Now Free On Exoclick

Payout : 100$ only, 15/30 days supported : paypal!

Note : Mostly Hosting,Music,FileSharing,Online Streaming & Adult Sites Working with Exoclick.

3. Adsterra : It can allow all kind of traffic Websites and it Provide you Popunder which for popunder 1000 Impression It will pay you 1-5$ its depend on Your traffic quality, Country and How they will be Convert. also avalible Native/Banner ads & for 1000 Banner ad clicks it can pay 40-130$  .

CPM adnetwork earning

Here is signup Link : Click here to Create Free Adsterra Account Now

Payout : 50$ only. 15/30days payment supported : paypal.

Note : It allows all kind of traffic and websites (not Bot traffic) !


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Article by : Chirag Artani

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