Asirgarh Fort Secret & History

Asirgarh fort : is also known as “Asa Ahir Garh” because it is made by Emperor Asa Ahir. Its real name was Asa Ahir Garh, later this name is transforms simple as middle letters were released to the name Asa Ahir and it became Ashirgarh. Its height is about 309.1 meter high from the base and from sea level 701 meter high. Here a mosque is built with a lord Shiva temple and inside there is a fort to see.

Here is Also Situated at Inside Fort “Jama Masjid” & “Lord Shiva” Historical Temple it is 1000-700 years old.


It is Located in Very famous Satpura Range, about 20 KM. North of  The Town Burhanpur & From Khandwa 44 KM. 

What is Historic  : Asirgarh fort was invincible by straight fight so whenever it was won, ways are by cheating or conspiracy. In year 1399 Nasir Khan of Faruqi Dynasty, took over control of Asirgarh fort. He didn’t won by actual war but by cheating King Asa Ahir. He urged the King Asa Ahir to provide shelter to hes family ladies as they were under threat. Asa Ahir agreed to provide them shelter and opened the fort door to allow the palanquins of royal family ladies to enter but inside those palanquins, in place of ladies, trained soldiers were secretly present. 

Secret : So many Peoples saying and Some Scientist test Proving, in This Fort a 22.ft tall & 4.ft wide a person comes in early Morning which name is “Ashvathama” They Every Day in Early Morning 5;o clock. he Come’s on Fort and They Crown to Lord Shiva “Shivling” and Also they keep some Flowers in “Shivling” Everyday. There Are avalible Flowers and Some Water in Shivling! Few Years ago a Foreigner was decide to stay night at Fort to seeing “Ashwathama” But when watch man Open The gate of Fort and Checking Everything, so He found Deadbody of They Foreigner, so many peoples saying if anybody can see “ashwathama” so Person are Blind or Dead. 

Tunnel : in This Fort a Tunnel is avalible, Which Going to “Burhanpur” 22km away From Fort & inside that Tunnel So many Snake & Tigers is Avalible, Rightnow that is Closed By Goverment But That is Real and i see that to my eyes and i Captured Some images, take a look Please!


It is Not Possible to Found this Flowers in Fort & see Flowers in “Shivling” Everyday! If a person Doing this so how they comes in early morning at 900,ft Height ? I believe this is real If You have any Doubt about this then please Go & Do investigate in this Secret & History (Recommend Place)

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